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Bahia is a state in the Northeast Brazil, remarkable for its large sunny coast, cooled by a gentle sea breeze, as well as for its hills, mountains, monoliths and canyons in the countryside, which shelter splendid caves, a unique vegetation and singular water falls. Salvador, capital of Bahia and first capital of Brazil, peculiarly placed on a graben of Todos os Santos Bay, is the center of Afro-Brazilian culture. The three core peoples present in Brazil foundation have harmoniously blended at Salvador. The colorful architecture of Pelourinho district and the many gold dressed baroque style churches are the most prominent Portuguese legacies. Important place names, such as Itapoan beach and Itaparica island, retrace our Indigenous past. However, undoubtedly the African influence dominates many cultural aspects of the city: from the ubiquitous use of dendê (palm oil) in the typical dishes to the extravagantly beautiful hairdressing, from the musical beats of axé and samba to the religious traditions of candomblé.

Come to the Chip in Bahia, where friendly people with large smiles welcome the whole world, and enjoy its vivid blue sea water calmed inside magnificent inlets shadowed by coconut trees.

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